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 IVFDF 2006 - Cambridge

Future IVFDFs

Each year the Inter Varsity Folk Dance Festival is held in a new location plans for about the next two festivals are often underway whilst the current one is in action.

2006 - Cambridge

As ever a stunning line up from the Cambridge Crowd, including Stömp, American Contra workshop and dance with Diane Silver and Changeling both on tour from the States. "Scotland's Ace Accordionist" Sandy Brechin's band The Sensational Jimmy Shandrix Experience more details on their website.

2007 - Edinburgh

After a 11 year break from Edinburgh, and despite two recent forays north of the border in 2000 and 2002 a bid has come from a ground in Scotland's capitol city. More details will be realised when we are aware of them.

2008 - would you like to hold IVFDF?

If you are part of a dance of music society at a university and think you might be interested in running IVFDF in the future and want to find out more, please ask around, there are a number of people who are able to offer some hints and tips to get you started. Information Point is a good starting point.


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