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 IVFDF 2006 - Cambridge

What is IVFDF?

Inter Varsity Folk Dance Festival is the longest running and zaniest folk dance festival in the UK. Whether you want to dance or watch, to try out new forms of dance or perfect old ones this is the festival. Workshops are available in a wide range of areas and include music and craft related activities as well as a worldwide selection of different dance styles.

Next Festival

The next IVFDF to be held will be 24th - 26th February 2006 in Cambridge.

Keeping up to date with IVFDF

To be kept up to date with IVFDF news, join the ivfdf-news mailing list. To join, send mail to ivfdf-news-request at ivfdf dot org with a subject of subscribe. To unsubscribe, the incantation is unsubscribe. Messages sent by list members to ivfdf-news at ivfdf dot org will be forwarded to all list members. For more information see the IVFDF mailing lists page.

Latest News / Changes
2 Mar 2005  

Another year another festival. Norwich did an amazing job this year despite last minute workshop cancellations and snow still managed to produce an amazing festival. IVFDF Central is expecting to more to a new host "sometime soon" which should mean that there are some updates and improvements to this site, and the archives. Watch this space .....

1 Mar 2004


Recovering after another excellent Festival in Exeter, where the new constitution was approved.

10 Feb 2004  

We have discoverd the lady who created the first IVFDF in 1951, a Ms Graham of Hull, she is still alive and well it is inteded that someone will meet with her to find out more about the origins of the festival.

19 Jan 2004  

Version 4.1 Proposed Revision of IVFDF Consititution, is available along with a version to print it is important that you look at this and make sure that it provides what you/your dance society will need from IVFDF in the future.

20 Nov 2003  

Version 4 Proposed Revision of IVFDF Consititution, is on the IVFDF-constitution mailing list archive. Web version will be posted soon.

17 Oct 2003  

Version 3 of Proposed Revision of IVFDF Consititution, posted in time for meeting this weekend.

1 Sep 2003  

Proposed Revision of IVFDF Consititution, Andrew Swaine (Cambridge) has produced a proposal for an entire rewrite of the IVFDF constitution for discussion at the meeting in October it is available in the Discussion Documents section of Information Point. Please feel free to comment on this via the IVFDF-constitution mailing list before then.

10 Jun 2003  

ICBINI (I Can't Believe It's Not IVFDF) - Bristol (Rag Morris and the University of Bristol Folk Club) have requested to run this event and have plans in place for the 22nd November 2003 watch out for postings on the IVFDF-news mailing list with more information.

17 May 2003  

Sheffield Ceilidh Soc have suggested a provisional date for the autumn Reps Meeting to discuss improvements to the IVFDF constitution. 17th to 18th October, in Sheffield there will also be a Ceilidh Soc ceilidh on the Saturday night

28 Feb 2003  

Relocation of IVFDF-news list to new server. Now available as ivfdf-news at ivfdf dot org.

Ongoing updates to gallery and archives of old festival programmes, thanks to (amongst others) Rag Morris, Ann Parker, Ian Thompson, Brian Quinion/Sheffield, Richard Mason/Exeter for providing source materials/photos.

4 Dec 2002  

We've launched an extra mailing list to discuss potential constitutional changes that are being proposed for the Representatives Meeting at Sheffield in 2003. Also we now have on-line archives of both this IVFDF-constitution and the IVFDF-news mailing list.

11 Nov 2002

You are looking at our newly revised website, we hope you find this a useful resource. Please contact us with any comments or suggestions!

You can find various new resources here; there is now a gallery and the IVFDF Tour is available. We also have links to various related and member organisations.


 Contact: Last Modified: 2nd Mar 2005